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"Night falls with... RHYTHM" with Despina Vandi, Iro and Tamta! –

The 7th festive Exclusive Event "Night falls with...RHYTHM" of RITHMO 94.9 it's back and it's going to be... "a women's affair"!

The superstar Despina Vandi will be on stage with 2 unique guests, the explosive Tamta and theνάληπτη Ηρώ! Μια «νύχτα» από γυναίκες… σε γυναίκες, η μία για την άλλη! Με την υποστήριξη του ΚΕΝΤΡΟΥ ΔΙΟΤΙΜΑ, για έναν κόσμο έμφυλης ισότητας και δικαιοσύνης.

"Christmas came again" and with them came the most festive Exclusive Live Event "Night falls with... RHYTHM", which will take place on Tuesday, December 12 at the Village Cinemas in The Mall Athens. The host and radio producer of RYTHMOU 94.9, Iota Tsibrikidou, has already put on her holiday clothes and is ready to welcome the top singer Despina Vandi on stage! The Greek star promises to take us on a journey with her old and new hits, such as the #1 hit "Christmas" which will lift our spirits!!

In the continuation of the evening, the ultimate Miss Vandi will welcome her unique guests, Iro and Tamta. The great female voices of the Greek pentagram will impress us with their performances and captivate us with their songs, giving us some of their magic. The musical meeting of the three female performers and the different types of music they represent will be the occasion to create a magical evening, full of subversive arrangements and duets!

The last "Night falls with... RHYTHM" of the year is predicted to be extremely explosive since the absolute female voice Despina Vandi comes to give us an impressive appearance, in the company of two renowned artists. RYTHMOS 94.9 invites its listeners to this unforgettable festive evening, in the award-winning Vmax Sphera hall of Village Cinemas, with premium seats of high aesthetics and sound, to close 2023 together!

The DIOTIMA CENTER is a women's non-profit organization, specialized in gender and equality issues, founded in 1989. Their vision is the highlighting and elimination of gender discrimination and their mission, the empowerment of women and femininity. RYTHMOS 94.9 supports the work of the DIOTIMA CENTER by dedicating the last "night" of the year, to , the prevention and treatment of gender-based violence.

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Sponsors of the evening will be: Novibet – what you want from your game! PPC – with the energy of PPC!


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