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Google's Project Ellmann shows your life in pictures

At a recent internal summit, Google proposed its next big idea: a feature with titled "Project Ellmann" that would provide users with a snapshot or, as they call it, a "bird's eye view" of their lives.

Here are some thingsα που γνωρίζουμε για αυτό μέχρι στιγμής από ένα αντίγραφο μιας παρουσίασης που CNBC was able to get their hands on. Google's new baby, Gemini, powers it. He will use yours and past searches to analyze your life.

There will also be a chatbot, Ellmann Chat, which you can use to answer questions about you and your life. The work is named after the American literary critic Richard David Ellman.

Ellmann will be able to present your life in chapters, so you can choose to view, for example, content from your school years or specific vacations you've taken. I know this sounds just like it Photos by Apple has been doing for years with it Memories feature. But obviously, of Google the version will be much more intelligent and detailed. After all, the presentation says the resolution will be more than "just pixels with tags and metadata," which might be a dig at Cupertino.

Ο γενικός στόχος της Google με αυτό το έργο να ανακεφαλαιώσει τα χρόνια του γυμνασίου σας ή να οργανώσει τη ζωή σας κατά άτομα, μέρη και εκδηλώσεις. Είναι να μελετήσετε και να εξετάσετε έξυπνα τη ζωή σας για να κατανοήσετε καλύτερα εσάς και την ιστορία σας και να επικοινωνήσετε μαζί σας με μια γενική αφήγηση ζωής. Μια από τις διαφάνειες παρουσίασής τους αναφέρει, «Όταν κάνουμε ένα βήμα πίσω και κατανοήσουμε τη ζωή σας στο σύνολό της, η γενική ιστορία σας γίνεται ξεκάθαρη». Αν αυτό ακούγεται απίστευτα ενοχλητικό σε σημείο να νιώθεις άβολα, δεν είσαι μόνος.

They introduced Ellmann Chat as a tool to ask questions about your life. In one of the sample questions presented, the user asked whether or not they have a pet. They received detailed answers, including accurate information about their dog. Although touted as a feature that can "answer previously impossible questions," the chat feature is a way to make Ellman even smarter. Every time you interact with it, you're either feeding it more about your life or confirming (or disproving) what it already knows about you.

In a statement provided by a Google spokesperson to Gizmodo, they said: “This was an early internal exploration, and as always, if we decide to release new features, we would take the time necessary to ensure they were useful to people and designed to protect user privacy and security as our top priority." So we'll try to be optimistic that the project won't be as intrusive as it sounds.


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