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Our favorite games of 2023

Picture: Hasbro

Earlier this year, after much anticipation, Hasbro finally released a There is no way to the house inspired by a Spider-Men three-pack that gave fans plastic takes on Tom Holland, and … at least, with their masks. But this fall a new autonomous wave of Marvel Legends returned to the film and lived up to it. The updates are all pretty fun (the Green Goblin and his glider being a highlight), but the of the show are the new Peters. In Holland's case, a new uncovered head is paired with Hasbro's first cost-based figure "final swing" from the end of the movie, making a big improvement over the Integrated Suit figure. But while the Maguire and Garfield Spider-Men were just repackages with new bare heads, it was worth waiting for those heads alone—they're some of the best movies Hasbro has ever made, and throwing them on top of two fantastic figures. of legendary Spider-Men movies was just the icing on the cake. Or tissue, perhaps.


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