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iPad 11th gen (2024) vs iPad 10th gen (2022): expectations


In 2022, Apple finally updated the look of the basic iPad to look more like a modern iPad Air or iPad Pro. It was called the iPad 10th gen and also had a new accessory released specifically for it – the Magic Keyboard Folio.

Basically, it was the discounted (yes, we said it twice) iPad Pro — it got the all-screen front, had its own keyboard, and supports an Apple Pencil gen 1 (and now the new Apple Pencil USB-C ).

We expect Apple to refresh it in early 2024, so… what will be the differences between the upcoming 10th generation, compared to that of the 10th generation iPad? Is it worth an upgrade? Is it better to cheat the system and buy an old stock XNUMXth gen as soon as the new one comes out?
iPad (2024) vs iPad (2022) in a nutshell
  • Same shape and size
  • The Magic Keyboard Folio should work with both models
  • Processor upgrade — expect Apple A15 Bionic in new iPad (2024)
  • Two speakers (stereo surround)
  • No camera upgrades expected

Table of Contents:

Design and size

Hey, meet the real me

Apple loves to stick with designs for years at a time, so since the iPad was refreshed in 2022, we don't expect the new 2024 model to change shape. That's a really good thing — if you happen to have a Magic Keyboard Folio for iPad (2022), it should work with the new model if you decide to upgrade.

Other than that, we expect the same setup with a Touch ID power button, horizontal projection stereo speakers, a selfie camera that ends at the top bezel when in landscape orientation, and a USB C port at the bottom.

In fact, it's very likely both to be the same thickness, so even the cases for the 2022 model could fit the 2024 model. Of course, bear with us – Apple could surprise us.

Appearance differences

The basic iPad has the unlaminated 60 Hz LCD screen. Its colors aren't bad and it supports True Tone and Night Shift, so it looks pleasing to the eyes. It's not great at fighting light glare, and its oleophobic (anti-fingerprint) coating is pretty weak. We see no indication that Apple plans to change this formula with the iPad (2024) model.

But at least it supports the Apple Pencil — the new USB C model released in 2023, as well as the old Apple Pencil gen 1.

Performance and Software

Chip from an old iPhone
The only thing you can hold against entry-level iPads is hardware – they usually ship with Apple A processors that were in iPhones years ago. For example, the iPad (2022) has an Apple A14 Bionic inside it — the chip that came with the iPhone 12. For the iPad (2024), we think we might be moving to an A15 Bionic, also known as the iPhone 13 chip.
That is bad; Well, this reviewer has spent the last couple of months with an iPhone 12 mini as his primary phone, and it's actually held up pretty well into late 2023. We'd call it a processor that sits comfortably at the top of what we might call mid-range. There were some stutters and slowdowns to notice, but nothing that felt jarring or annoying. And iPads have the same. If you want to edit and export video and then compare the performance side by side with the iPad Pro — yes, there is definitely a difference. But can it do the job? Yes maybe. The Apple A13 Bionic similarly won't blow you away, but will keep the iPad (2024) performance acceptable for years to come.


FaceTime with a camera that follows you

When we talk about tablet cameras, it's the selfie camera that gets the most use — video calls and maybe the occasional selfie, sure. The main camera is located in the back seat and is usually used to scan a document or take a quick photo of your dog sleeping in a cute position.

So… the iPad (2022) has a 12MP selfie camera with an ultra-wide lens which is quite acceptable. We have attended many mock meetings with him and he does his job right. The main camera is also a 12 MP snapper that takes pictures in its field iPhone 12 quality. So, again, quite serviceable.

We expect iPad (2024) specs and performance to be comparable, perhaps slightly improved. We'll get the science selfies here as soon as it's released, don't worry!

Sound quality

With two speakers in a horizontal stereo format, we find the 10th generation iPad sounds pretty good. A little honky in the mids, a little thin in the bass if we bite. But if you don't compare it to the meaty sound of an iPad Pro, it's fine. Again, we don't expect the 11th gen iPad to play this formula in any capacity.

Battery life and charging

10 hours of eating on YouTube?

iPads typically last around 10 hours, and Apple seems to be happy with that number. Whenever there's a new processor or a new redesign, the slates seem to have enough battery capacity to stay on for an entire work day. If you only use them mixed in here and there, with the screen often on standby, you can definitely use them for 2 days.

Comparison of specifications

The 11th generation iPad will mostly adopt the look and feel of the 10th generation iPad. When we have more info on the specs, it will be on the iPad (2024) vs iPad (2022) specs comparison page. For now, we are waiting for something in his field:

*Supposed or rumored specifications


If you have a 10th generation iPad, should you upgrade to iPad 11 (2024)? Apparently — no. We're expecting a fairly minor update, keeping the base iPad in the game for new users, but the iPad 10 won't be that far behind technologically. In fact, once the 11th generation launches, it might be a good idea to find the iPad 10 at clearance prices and snag a deal.

Of course, we'll have to wait and see what Apple's pricing strategy will be for these — perhaps it will keep the iPad 10 as a cheaper alternative (as it did with the iPad 9 when the 10th generation was released in 2022). And, who knows, we might see a curveball upgrade that will change our minds once the iPad (2024) is official!


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