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iPhone 15 Pro: Changing to a USB-C port will solve a long-standing issue!

As we have informed you, with the next generation η Apple Lossless Audio CODEC (ALAC), intends to make the transition from Lightning ports to USB Type-C, to comply with the new European Union legislation. However, beyond extremely practical for users with many , this transition will solve and a longstanding issue that has plagued many iPhone owners.

In particular, the new USB-C port is expected significantly improve data transfer speeds and enable new features, according to new leaks.

Apple's Lightning currently limits iPhones to USB 2.0 speeds, which max out at 480 Mbps. According to leaker @analyst941 Apple will take advantage of the change to USB-C to add direct Thunderbolt 3 connectivity, instead of USB 3.2 at 5 Gbps. This means that the bandwidth can be increased up to 80 times!

In simpler words, the transfer of files if someone backs up on their computer will now be "lightning". For example, a one-minute 4K/60 FPS video recorded in Apple ProRes 422 HQ requires about 5.5 GB of storage space. Now, to transfer this file via Lightning one needs to wait 90 seconds. On the iPhone 15 Pro, the same transfer will theoretically take place in 1 second!

In addition to improved faster data transfer speeds, the move to Thunderbolt 3 will, according to the leaker, allow Apple to introduce support for external displays up to 4K resolution. Υπάρχει όμως ένα μεγάλο «αλλά». Ο leaker εικάζεται ότι η Apple μπορεί να περιορίσει αυτές τις υψηλής ταχύτητας σε με πιστοποίηση MFi, παρόμοια με τους σημερινούς περιορισμούς για τα αξεσουάρ MagSafe.

Αξίζει να σημειωθεί ότι τα τυπικά iPhone 15 και iPhone 15 μοντέλα δεν αναμένεται να φέρουν αυτές τις βελτιώσεις, παρά τη χρήση USB Type-C θυρών.

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