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Dissatisfaction by TSMC workers due to low wage increases

Its employees εξέφρασαν ανοικτά τη δυσαρέσκειά τους σε ό, έχει να κάνει με τις αμοιβές τους. Η εταιρεία προχώρησε μεν σε αυξήσεις, αλλά αυτές δεν ικανοποίησαν το εργατικό της δυναμικό.

In particular, the wages of TSMC employees increased by 5%, which caused negative reactions. Some of the complaints related to the fact that last year the company gave bolder raises, while not all workers saw their pay increase this year. As it conveys the United Daily News, άμεση σύνδεση με τις αντιδράσεις αυτές έχει ο αυξημένος that has the , ο οποίος ξεπέρασε το 3% πριν από μερικούς μήνες.

With annual increases depending on a number of factors and not the same for everyone, some workers last year saw their pay rise by as much as 10%, which effectively more than offset the 3,6% inflation they had Taiwan last June. One of the factors that play a role is the position in the hierarchy, with those at the lowest levels typically reporting that Intel and Samsung do not show so much "stinginess". The answer they received is that tighter financial management is necessary for TSMC's growth.

Η εταιρεία εξήγησε ότι οι περυσινές αυξήσεις οφείλονταν μεταξύ άλλων και στο γεγονός ότι η αγορά του ήταν σε καλή κατάσταση, πράγμα που δε συμβαίνει τώρα. Αυτό έχει επηρεάσει και την Intel, η οποία σύμφωνα με reports proceeded with significant reductions in the salaries of even its high-ranking executives.