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The patriarch of space telescopes has a birthday (video)

Στις 24 Απριλίου του 1990 έγινε μια εκτόξευση που έφερε επανάσταση στην αστρονομία και γενικότερα στον τρόπο που βλέπουμε και γνωρίζουμε τον κόσμο του Διαστήματος. Το βάρους 11 τόνων και μήκους 43,5 μέτρων  Hubble abandoned her and went and settled at a point 569 km away from our planet. Her telescope πήρε το όνομα του από τον αστρονόμο Εντουιν που ανακάλυψε ότι το Σύμπαν επεκτείνεται βάζοντας τα θεμέλια για τη διατύπωση της θεωρίας της Μεγάλης Έκρηξης. Η κατασκευή και εκτόξευσή του τηλεσκοπίου κόστισε 1,5 δισ. δολάρια.

It was designed with a ten-year operational horizon, but NASA has carried out many manned missions to repair and upgrade the telescope, so it continues to operate. seamlessly until . Η επιτυχής λειτουργία του Hubble οδήγησε στην κατασκευή αρκετών διαστημικών τηλεσκοπίων διαφόρων τύπων με αποκορύφωμα την εκτόξευση πριν από ένα χρόνο του ισχυρότερου και πιο προηγμένου διαστημικού τηλεσκόπιο που κατασκεύασε ο άνθρωπος, το James Webb.

Some of these space telescopes have completed their mission and are no longer in operation, but Hubble continues to operate seamlessly and even competes with James Webb by recording impressive images from a corner of the Universe every day, making new discoveries or shedding light on various cosmic phenomena.

Hubble transmits about 120 GB of data each week, an amount equivalent to a shelf full of books one kilometer long. He has recorded tens of thousands of images of space bodies and phenomena, and research groups around the world have carried out thousands of discoveries and studies based on the data he has made. Hubble's endurance forces NASA to keep pushing back the date it will retire Hubble.

, Γενέθλια έχει ο πατριάρχης των διαστημικών τηλεσκοπίων (βίντεο),

Hubble aimed its instruments at the galaxy NGC 1961, a spiral galaxy located 180 million light-years from Earth in the constellation of the Giraffe. The images recorded by Hubble show the very impressive spirals of the galaxy, one of which seems to "embrace" its center where there is an active galactic nucleus.

, Γενέθλια έχει ο πατριάρχης των διαστημικών τηλεσκοπίων (βίντεο),

The Hubble Space Telescope has spotted and captured a stunning photo of the globular cluster Terzan 2 located at the center of our galaxy in the constellation Scorpius. Like all globular clusters, this one has a huge number of stars, many of which are extremely bright, creating stunning cosmic portraits when captured by telescope cameras.


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