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Tesla's impressive cell phone is... Greek

The owner of Tesla, Elon Musk, is planning a counterattack against the major mobile phone companies…

…as it is rumored that the app stores (iOS, Play) may be banned from Twitter for non-compliance with anti-hate and misinformation rules.

Ο Elon Musk revealed his plan, which includes creating his own Tesla smartphone, in case ofu h or Google decide to go after Twitter από τα ψηφιακά καταστήματά τους. they mention that there is already a team working intensively in this venture…

The first revelation about his plan Elon Musk was made through Twitter, when commentator Liz Wheeler suggested to Mask to create his own smartphone in case which Apple and Google decide to block Twitter from their app stores. In his answer, Mask stated that it hopes that this will not happen, but if there is no other option, it will create an alternative smartphone.
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