Modern technology gives us many things.

How will you choose the ideal one for you?

No one has a good time doing housework. But have you considered how much more difficult things were just a few decades ago? Now that technology is on your side, it's time to learn how to use it properly - starting with your most valuable ally, the vacuum cleaner.
As you will see with a quick look at, are on the market countless vacuum cleaners, many of which at excellent prices. But in order to get the ideal results as comfortably as possible, you need to find the one that suits your needs and preferences.

To help you out, we've put together everything you need to know before you decide, as well as three of the best options we've come across in in terms of price and performance. The cost shouldn't worry you too much: in addition to its excellent prices, the has also secured a crowd different payment methods and the possibility of up to 60 interest-free installments, so that you never go out of budget. And he "cleans up" for you in one more way: for a few more days, he celebrates his first birthday with big contests and gifts worth hundreds of euros.

Broom, tell me

Are you ready to learn everything about vacuum cleaners? Start with their energy label. There you will find their energy class, which as you know should be as close as possible to A, but also the annual energy consumption. The latter is calculated for cleaning 50 times a year, lasting up to one hour at a time, of a house of approximately 87 sq.m. Another indication that you should be concerned about is the decibels, which are important to move as low as possible (even small deviations make a big difference).
In terms of performance, there are three things you should pay attention to. The first is the floor cleaning efficiency class, that is, the indicator that describes how effectively your vacuum cleaner removes dust from tiles, wood or laminate. Again, the closer to A you are the better, but even if your vacuum cleaner is class G, know that it will be able to absorb up to 96% of the dust.

Things get difficult in the case of the carpet cleaning performance class. This particular index, which measures exactly what its name says, is of great importance (especially for those suffering from ) since it judges how effective our broom will be on fabrics, but also how long and nalp passages will be needed to clean the area effectively. Finally, don't forget to check the dust re-emission class, which refers to the quality of the air emitted by the vacuum cleaner in your space. Here, with G are graded those that return more than 1% of the dust they absorb and with A the vacuums whose rate of re-emission is almost zero.

Manual or with wheels?

Especially if your space very large, it is worth investing in a stick vacuum cleaner. Their small size, their flexibility, the operation with batteries (so without a cable) and – above all – the fact that they do not require you to bend down, therefore they do not strain your waist, are among their great advantages.

For example, on we found her Alpina stick vacuum cleaner, with a power of 600W and a capacity of 0,6 liters that will help you reach even the smallest corners, while its price will make you smile.

Buy it from €49,90.

Vacuum cleaner with or without a bag?

And in this case, the answer depends only on you, since each option has its own advantages. Bag vacuums are ideal for people with allergies, who don't want to come into contact with the dust that collects in the empty bin, for the abstract people who forget to clean or change the built-in filter of bagless vacuums, and for the slightly ... clumsy, who risk throwing the dust back on the floor, instead of the garbage bag.

, Πώς θα επιλέξεις την ιδανική για εσένα,

Our favorite choice in this category, the vacuum cleaner Miele C2 Compact which eliminates 99,95% of all allergenic substances and has 11 stages of filtration for effective cleaning. You will also appreciate its ergonomic design, which allows it to go everywhere.

Buy it from €209.

There are also many advantages of a vacuum cleaner without a bag, but with a detachable bin – first and foremost its environmental benefits, since it frees you from single-use plastics. At the same time, it helps you to save the money you would have had for their purchase, while it allows you to... "fish" from the bin with comfort small objects that were sucked inside it without wanting to.

, How to choose the ideal one for you,

From's wide variety of bagless vacuum cleaners, we singled out Rowenta's RO2933 Swift Power Cyclonic with a 1.2-liter bucket that can be emptied and washed and an advanced filtration system that removes 99,98% of dust.

Buy it from €89,99.

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