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Contractor for the Public Procurement System upgrade project

  • Written by Maria Moschou 

In the joint venture: "Netcompany - Intrasoft SA" and "QUALITY & RELIABILITY S.A.", the tender was awarded for the project " και Αναβάθμιση του Συστήματος Δημόσιων Προμηθειών» της Δράσης 16736 «Νέο Σύστημα Δημοσίων Συμβάσεων», του «Εθνικού Σχεδίου Ανάκαμψης και Ανθεκτικότητας (Ελλάδα 2.0)»,

Another project of the Recovery Fund is on track for implementation. This is the project "Support and Upgrade of the Public Procurement System" of Action 16736 "New Public Procurement System", of the "National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Greece 2.0)".

The project was awarded to the association of companies: "Netcompany – Intrasoft SA" and "QUALITY & RELIABILITY APPLICATIONS OF HIGH TECHNOLOGY ANONYMOUS INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL COMPANY" (under the name QUALITY & RELIABILITY S.A.), instead of the total amount of 5.664.400 €, excluding VAT 24% €1.359.456 and excluding the option amount of €1.132.880, excluding VAT (amount with VAT: €1.404.771,20.

The project will be completed by the Contractor within twenty-four (24) months from the signing of the Contract

Scope of the project

The object of the contract is the Support and Upgrade of the Public Procurement System, i.e. it concerns the Support and Upgrade of the Public Procurement System through the continuous support of the system and operation support of the ESIDIS Directorate, but also the restructuring of the system by adding extensions and upgrading of individual applications and subsystems.

In the context of the project, services will be provided that aim to support the executives of the ESIDIS Administration to ensure and optimize the technical and operational operation of ESIDIS, as well as services related to the restructuring, the rearrangement and the addition of extensions and the upgrading of applications and subsystems.

The duration of the contract is set at twenty-four (24) months including the process of control and receipt of deliverables,

The physical object of this declaration includes the following actions:

  1. Troubleshooting and technical management support (Fault management & Administration Support) for all systems that make up ESIDIS (except the two mentioned in the previous paragraph). It is pointed out the requirement that the contractor actively participates in the administration/management of the systems, always in cooperation with the competent officers of the Directorate of ESIDIS).

Additional critical activities

In addition, the work of the above object is required to offer the following specialized, demanding and critical activities:

  1. Technical operation support – System operation and management (System monitor & operation support) for all the systems that make up ESIDIS (i.e. for 17 technical subsystems see Appendix I – par. 1.2.3 Functional description of electronic services provided by ESIDIS) for 12 hours every day (from 08:00 to 20:00) on working days throughout the year by the Contractor's team (operational support team).
  2. Υποστήριξης επιχειρησιακών διαχειριστών δηλαδή εργασίες χρήσης των εφαρμογών με ρόλους και αρμοδιότητες επιχειρησιακών διαχειριστών. Αυτές οι εργασίες θα εκτελούνται σε συνέχεια σχετικών ρητών και σαφών εντολών για την επιχειρησιακή διαχείριση των υπηρεσιών που προσφέρονται στους χρήστες και στο πλαίσιο τυπικών διαδικασιών και μεθοδολογίας ασφάλειας που απαιτείται να περιγράψουν και να τεκμηριώσουν οι οικονομικοί φορείς στις their.
  3. Progressive and continuously adaptive implementation of applications and infrastructure architecture (by analogy with Agile methodologies) which includes the entire life cycle of developing new electronic services, expanding or changing existing software, or adding new software products to the system.
  4. Provision of consulting services and studies in the thematic area of ​​development and operation of electronic procurement information systems which will be provided using a collaboration methodology similar to that provided for the implementation of applications (see point 4 above)
  5. Provision of educational material, training of business managers and trainers of the Directorate of ESIDIS.
  6. Also, all the services provided above are required to be managed and formally recorded using an electronic platform which will provide electronic request management and project management services and which will be provided by the contractor as SaaS.

Purpose and Objectives of the Agreement

Το έργο έχει ως στόχο τη βελτιστοποίηση, μέσω του ψηφιακού εκσυγχρονισμού και την αναβάθμιση διαδικασιών και λειτουργικότητας, στο του Εθνικού Συστήματος Ηλεκτρονικών Δημοσίων Συμβάσεων (ΟΠΣ-ΕΣΗΔΗΣ).

The main objectives are the further modernization, effectiveness and efficiency of OPS-ESIDIS.

Expected Benefits

The optimization of OPS-ESIDIS will provide a number of benefits, such as:

  • Increasing competitiveness
  • Attracting investments
  • Strengthening of Institutions
  • Boosting business confidence and security
  • Increasing transparency in procurement operations
  • Cost savings
  • Reduction in operating cost of supplies
  • Reducing infrastructure costs: economies of scale in import upgrades and modifications, reduction of administrative burden for solving malfunctions and managing the system
  • Data protection and security
  • Faster processing of procedures
  • Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of processes

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