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Do not charge the mobile phone in public USB ports

Το FBI προειδοποιεί τους χρήστες σχετικά με τους δημόσιους σταθμούς ς και τι πρέπει να αποφεύγουν.

As he notes, fraudsters have managed to "take over" public chargers and thus have the ability to infect devices with malwarewhich can give hackers access to your phone, tablet or computer. 

This practice is known as "juice jacking" and it allows crimeusers to use USB cables to "plant" viruses or steal data within minutes.

“Avoid using free charging stations at airports, hotels or shopping malls. Criminals have found ways to use public USB ports to inject malware and tracking software into devices. Bring your own charger and USB cable and use an outlet instead,” the FBI says.

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